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Where are we?

Vignerons du Mont Ventoux

The "Vignerons du Mont (VMV)" winery is located on an exceptional site with a wide variety of terroirs in the Mont Ventoux region, designated a Natural "Biosphere Reserve". This is a distinction granted by UNESCO for geographical areas that boast exceptional natural riches. Vineyards have been present on the slopes of Mont Ventoux in the vicinity of Bedoin since ancient times, with Gallo-Roman ruins that bear witness to this long history.

Our vines are rooted in the sun-kissed south-west foothills of Mont Ventoux which provide natural protection against the intrusions of the Mistral wind, the violent northern gusts that sweep over Provence.

As the altitude varies from 200 to 500 meters, the grapes on our vines take their time to ripen, leaving the fresh and fruity aromas intact.

Who are we?

The "Vignerons du Mont Ventoux" winery is a cooperative founded in 1924 by a small group of winegrowers who chose to join forces and pool their means of production.

Today, Vignerons du Mont Ventoux has 27 employees as well as 120 winegrowers with a total surface area of 1,000 hectares: 750 produce AOC Ventoux and 250 produce vins de Pays and table wine.

This winery groups together 5 districts: Bedoin, Crillon le Brave, Flassan, Saint Pierre and Modène.

The Vignerons du Mont Ventoux (VMV) winery in Bedoin is one of the pioneers in the field of environmental protection.

The winery received ISO 9001 certification in 2001.

Given their environmentally-friendly approach, in 2007 the winery adopted the Vignerons en Développement Durable policies, respecting social obligations, employee satisfaction and growing consumer concerns. All of our packaging and documentation bear the "Vignerons en Développement Durable" logo.

The winery also plays an active role in regional trade by offering typically local products in its wine-tasting cellar, such as honey, pâtés, nougat, jams and other delicious dishes.

What do we produce?

The Mont Ventoux wines are divided into 2 categories: Premium and Valeurs.


This range, the richest in terms of quality, comprises vintages from estates, varietal selections, parcellar selections or those aged in tuns or new oak.


Middle range wines generally packaged in exclusive VMV BEDOIN engraved bottles, these products stand out thanks to their typical characteristics and excellent quality-price ratio.


Where to find us:

 After leaving Carpentras, take route D974 in the direction of Mont Ventoux Sud. After 15 kms, you will see the village of Bedoin.  Go through the round-about with the bicycle racer statue and the winery is located 800 meters ahead on the left, before entering the village.

GPS coordinates: Latitude : 44.124008 / Longitude : 5.180374

Les Vignerons du Mont Ventoux
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