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The ICV Group provides winemakers with assistance to promote quality and progress

Founded in 1946, the ICV (Cooperative Wine Institute) Group collaborates with all stakeholders of the wine and vine industry in France and abroad (cooperative wineries, private cellars, wine traders…).

The activity of the ICV Group focuses on 5 areas, offering solutions for each phase of the winemaking process:

  • Advice (wine producing, oenological) and expertise (packaging, quality, sustainable development)
  • Analyses: grapes, wine and dry matter
  • Training: over 50 subjects taught inside and outside the company
  • Oenological Products for the vinification and maturation of wines
  • Research & Development (experimental cellar, network of partners) for applied research and technical support for winemaking innovations

The ICV Group : the leading oenological service provider in the wine industry

  • A team of 150 individuals, including 70 engineers and professional wine and vine experts.
  • 9 accredited testing laboratories, located in the heart of the vineyards on the Mediterranean coast and in the Rhone Valley.
  • Unique experience in the wine industry, with a highly diverse clientele. Today, the ICV Group works with 300 cooperative wineries and more than 1,500 estates and 20 marketing structures to help develop their business projects.

The ICV Group is at the origin of the Vignerons en Développement Durable (VDD)

In tune with its members, hoping to combine collective and innovative ideas that take into account all the representatives of the wine and vine industry, in 2007 the ICV Group launched the "Commitment to Sustainable Development" initiative among several cooperative wineries.

This initiative offers specifications that take into account the environmental, social and economic challenges faced by the wineries.

2010 culminated in the successful creation of the Vignerons en Développement Durable trademark.



In three years, the ICV Group consultants carried out for the VDD:

  • 33 sustainable development analyses in companies
  • 300 sustainability analyses of operations
  • 4 regional biodiversity analyses
  • 276 carbon footprint monitoring tests