The advantages of Vignerons
en Développement Durable

An approach dedicated to the world of wine

Responsible winemakers and leaders in our regions, we are actively committed to the protection of our terroirs, working daily to ensure our quality of life.

Thanks to a charter that is specific to our profession, the particular characteristics of the wine sector are more effectively taken into account with more general guidelines:

  • long-term production (over 80 years),
  • wines influenced by the terroir.

As winegrowers, we are intimately attached to our land, which is our most precious patrimony. We strive to preserve our heritage so that we may transmit it to future generations in the best possible conditions.

A global approach

The VDD charter covers our entire profession, from the vineyard to the bottle on your table.
In addition to our work in the vineyards, we are fully committed to all steps of the wine producing process that may have an impact on the environment and local living conditions.

Environmental / Social / Economic balance

The original nature of our approach stems from the fact that it focuses on the women and men who are invested in their work, while taking into account the company's economic performance and environmental preservation. Without this healthy balance, our approach would not last.

In constant development

To adapt to our environment, the VDD strategy includes a continuous improvement process: every 2 years, an assessment is drawn up regarding our initiatives, with a progress goal for each of the different points covered in the guidelines.

Fair trade

Our strategy is based on fair trade and the equitable distribution of added value along the entire economic chain from the producer to the consumer.
Our wine is therefore sold at a fair price, allowing all players to make a decent living over the long term.

The advantages
of Vignerons en
Développement Durable

through action

Vignerons en Développement Durable puts this approach into practice through concrete actions.
Here are some examples...